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One-room apartment

New 1-bedroom apartment in a completely new house ashore of Gulf of Finland, on the 12th Floor. The 16-storey house is supplied with 2 Otis elevators, intercom. Lounge with a double bed, bed-sofa, 2 TV, telephone, microwave, cooker, fridge, washing mashine.

Living space is 53 m2 + balcony. Comfortable & furnished kitchen (14m2) and bathroom.

10 min walk to the "Primorskaya" subway, 20 min by transport to reach Nevsky prospect.

Auto-Parking. Fresh air on the sea-side.

Number of rooms:One room
Address:Vassilievsky Island, Morskaya emb.
Subway (Metro):Primorskaya (Browse map)
Tel:+7 (812)303-8561, 303-9022

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